KIBS Badam Feast is a delicious instant badam powder made with high quality Almonds, Saffron & Cardamom. A healthy, instant and nourishing alternative to make your milk or other recipes tasty. The age old combination of Almonds & Saffron are known to boost immunity. Our instant mix is being used as a prime ingredient in making the lip smacking Shavige Payasam, Kesari Bath, Sweets, Cakes, Cookies, Lassi,  Hot or Cold Badam Milk, etc.



KIBS Pista Instant Powder is a product enhanced with real pistachios, which was created on demand from our loyal customers, this can be used in creating excellent Pista Milkshakes, Payasam, Rabadi, Lassi, Sweets, Hot or Cold Pista Beverages, etc.



KIBS Drinking Chocolate Powder is another of our top sellers, for the ever growing demand of chocolate lovers this is a product you would instantly fall in love with. Just add our Drinking Chocolate Powder into some cold milk & use a shaker or blend them the old way to have a refreshing and delicious Chocolate Milkshake or mix it with some hot milk to give you a soothing Hot Chocolate Beverage. This can also be used in Cookies, Cakes, etc.



Kare Industries was started in the year 1954 by Mr.K.P.S Gupta who was a pioneer in the manufacturing of  instant powders like the KIBS special Badam Drink, KIBS Ragi Malt, KIBS Chocolate Powder, etc. In the year 1955 he was awarded a Gold Medal from the government of Karnataka and again a year later in 1956 by the Tamil Nadu government for his entrepreneurial ability & for giving an easier solution to the Indian consumer, thus also allowing deeper penetration of such instant mixes. He laid the foundation for a constantly growing industry which has evolved ever since the inception of our company encouraging many more to follow. His daughter Mrs.V.Nagalakshmi took over the reins of the company in the year 1990 and has ever since been spear heading overall growth of the company. The family members are passionately involved completely in every aspect of the factory right from sourcing, processing, quality checks, packing, marketing, finance & accounts. Kare Industries has created an all Women workforce in the entire factory as they feel this would encourage many more businesses to follow. We are committed to giving high quality instant mixes and being a preferred brand for generations to come.

KIBS Badam Drink